Fun Stuff I Love

I love my Kindle Fire.  I download hundreds of books and so many of the classics are free (including Puritan authors!) or under $3.00 which is amazing.  I was completely anti-e-reader until I moved and had to leave whole bookshelves full of reading material behind.  It’s also great for music, movies, and if you like games, it has those too!

 Love your reformation theology?  I’m a huge fan of ‘Lil Luther!  This guy from Playmobil is to pay homage to the founder of the Lutheran doctrine and beginner of the Reformation in Germany, 500 years ago.  I think my favorite thing I’ve ever gotten for Christmas was having my mom remember my obsession when they sold out in early spring after being launched a couple years ago.

 If you’ve followed my blog at all, then you know how much I love Sseko Designs.  Beautiful products created in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Kenya, Sseko is known mainly for their nifty sandals that you can customize to fit your mood.  These sandals are made by girls in an internship program, saving to go on to university.  These ladies will not be making sandals forever…

 I don’t know about you, but I’ve got the wanderlust.  It’s extremely satisfying getting to highlight a new section of this map, coloring it in and knowing it’s a part of this beautiful world I have been fortunate enough to see.

 Love to travel?  Love teaching?  Love English?  If your answer to these questions is yes, I highly recommend looking into getting your TEFL certification.  This link allows you to get 10% off a course through ITTT.  Through them I was able to get my CTEFL and CTEYL that are launching me into a job working in the country of my heart, Ethiopia.