Compassion Writing Stationary

These are stationary templates for writing letters to your sponsored child. I’m not sure if other sponsorship programs use a similar format, but I hope this helps whatever the case! Most of them either have a space for the translation or I print front and back (with the back side having ‘translation’ written on it) Enjoy!




This one I added pictures of them and of me so they had us next to each other on one page. I hoped it might bring a sense of unity.



Compassion THankfulness

Compassion Stationarygreen

On these two, you will want to make sure you add the names and numbers so Compassion can track who it’s from and who it is going to. I forgot to actually put spots on there for it! They were the first pieces of stationary I designed and you can kind of tell!

Compassion Stationary

This was inspired by reading all of the blessings in the Old Testament that fathers would pray over their sons or when kings were anointed over Israel. It’s nice to read some of those and pray a blessing over your sponsored child, showing them exactly what you are asking God for their life.

Compassion Blessing

Compassion Blessing (translation)