Books I Love

 People Over Profit by Dale Partridge is a humbling work about how your business can fall off track, and how you jump back on.  He uses his own life experiences to bring to life the importance of conscious capitalism.

 Okay, maybe it’s cliche that the girl wanting to move to Ethiopia loves this book, but Kisses from Katie is an awesome story about what happens when a 19-year-old moves to Uganda and ends up adopting thirteen daughters.  And yes, it’s a true story.  Talk about crazy…

 My heart cannot express to you how much I adore this book.  Oswald Chambers has a reputation as an incredible author for a reason.  I love this so much, each page is like a poem of God’s glory.  My words cannot accurately communicate this.

 I was first moved by Johnny Carr when he preached at Orphan Sunday at my old church.  This is a fantastic work that tells a little of his story, but also each chapter has a focus and ends with three things you can do.  A small step, a medium step, and a really big step.

 Don’t expect it to be easy.  This book is painful.  From the start you will feel hopeless and disturbed.  By the end you will be driven to pursue justice, to innovate change, and to stand up for the vulnerable.

 Every sentence is a gorgeous quote.  There’s not a whole lot of Ezekiel in this commentary about Ezekiel, it’s all Jesus.

 The wee poetry book I wrote and self-published via Amazon Kindle.

 An awesome allegory that is timeless and happened to be illustrated by my astoundingly talented mama way back in the day.  This is the children’s illustrated edition about a merciful shepherd and a broken, beaten girl.