I cannot believe it has been this long since I posted on here!  I have written many times but have always deleted my posts for various reasons (primarily worried about how they might come across.) I think perhaps it has been a good idea to not post too much about my life here because I would like to just continue soaking everything in before I start sharing all my inner most thoughts.

It has been almost a year, however, and after that point, perhaps I will give more deets.  In the meantime, here are my two most recent online publications.

5 Nonprofits Fighting for Human Rights and How They Stand Up to Injustice (written for Conscious Magazine)


Held Up (written for The Voices Project prior to my moving here, when my immigration paperwork was lost)


About undressingthedragon

I ran away from God a lot, but He kept lavishing me in His love, and it's harder to run now that I know what that feels like. Undressing the Dragon comes from a portion of "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" from The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis in which the cousin Eustace gets turned into a dragon. When Aslan, the lion, peels off his scales, it hurts, but it is worth it for the healing and freedom of being a boy again. I want my dragon heart to be peeled into a heart of flesh that beats alive for the cause of Christ. I have a few thousand dreams in life from being a writer to musician to missionary to wife and I don't think I will ever accomplish everything, but it hasn't entered into the heart of Hannah the things God has for me who loves Him, so I guess I shouldn't worry about it so much.
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